The economics of ageing is concerned with the efficient management of resources during a specific part of the life cycle of individuals, mainly from the age of 65 onwards. In this sense, the group addresses issues such as the macroeconomic impact of increasing life expectancy, the study of financial solutions that improve the level of consumption during retirement, or the design of strategies that increase coverage and reduce the costs associated with health care, among other matters.

    • Independent advice on home release products
    • Valuation of life-annuities
    • Predictive methodologies.
    • Predictive models for morbidity and mortality
    • Longevity risk assessment in real estate portfolios.


Imagine that your IFRS17 models were designed by international experts in cutting-edge actuarial and financial research, with an independent spirit and focused on your entity. Also with the commitment to train your staff, lead internal and third party reporting, and implement their use with specific software without having to invest in expensive tools or technology.
We offer a wide experience in:

      • Customized models
      • Simulators of economic scenarios:
        Yield curves and stock indices
        Pricing of Bond Portfolios
        Real Estate Market evolution
        Market and economic cycles
        Projections of demand elasticity curves.
      • Longevity analysis for income portfolios.
      • Predictive modelling in life-risk portfolios.
      • Advanced risk correlation models: Copulas.
      • Design of advanced models in Prophet.
      • Stochastic methods for analysis of reserves


Business’ performance relies on their pricing policy. According to some analysis, optimizing your pricing decisions results in profit gains of 4%, at minimum. We have proven experience in all these aspects of your pricing policy:

      • Data analysis
      • Geolocation based analysis
      • Predictive methodologies.
      • Rate Position in Market and Elasticity Curves Demand
        -Competitive price grid: reverse engineering.
        -Creation of price elasticity curves: New Production and Portfolio.
        -Optimization of discount policies in commercial networks.
      • Goal-oriented pricing
        -Customer Retention
        -Creation of value-brand
      • Predictive models for life-risk insurance.
      • Insurance package pricing (joint auto+home offer).
      • Insurance pricing with limited experience: new markets, weekend rates, etc.


We study the risks of your portfolio, estimating the potential expected return on your investments conditional to their risk. We help you to extract the maximum efficiency in your investments through:

      • Optimal design of portfolios by factors:
        Our partners have research experience in factor investing, following the techniques implemented in institutional portfolios within the field of pension insurance as, for instance, the Norwegian Pension Fund.
      • Drastic reduction of commissions and transparent management:
        Would you know how to calculate the erosion of your margin caused by explicit and implicit commissions applied by your financial intermediaries? We teach you how to reduce costs on your income statement immediately and persistently over time.
      • Experts in the portfolios of insurance companies: We offer you the services of the first accredited financial advisory agency (IA EAFI) specialized entirely in insurance asset portfolios.
        *(in the process of creation)